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We at SIPS strain all our nerves to nurture youths of tomorrow. It is very gratifying to mention that SIPS is the member of Eco club which comes under Delhi Government. Various activities have been undertaken under this clubsuch as anti-cracker really was conducted in 2008 an annual Eco meet was conducted at Pragati Maidan.

Our students also got a chance to visit Delhi’s Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit’s residence where she flaunted her NATURE TRIAL . Our students add and contribute their bit to maintain flaura and fauna.

SIPS offers SUPW clubs . It includes:


‘In unity lies the strength and sans unity we fall apart’ – is an old cliche but still continues to cast its spell in today’s world. Co-operation , team-work, Synchronisation etc. are some of those words whose apparent meaning is known to masses in general but its practical application in the real sense is deciphered only by a limited number of classes. So, with this in view, we have conceptualized and implemented a plan where the students have been bifurcated into 4 houses- Venus, Earth, Jupiter and Neptune .

Each house has a specific group of teachers . Venus depicts red colour , Earth green , Jupiter yellow and Neptune blue. In each academic session , various inter house activities are organized . Few of the activities which interalia , includes – street play , dances, debates , declamations , character enactment , billiards , football etc. It is because of these activities , the hidden talents of the students comes into fore and theirs talents are honed .