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During the early 60’s, the parameters to assess and evaluate a school was, uncharacteristically, based on the edifice and the grandeur of the building. In the present times however, the parents’ hopes and aspirations have galloped. They now look for a school with excellent academic standards, good ambience, a huge sports campus, oodles of games and so on. We, at Shah International offer just that aura. An environment, conducive to teaching and learning is the success saga of our school. The sprawling campus with the lush green fields and manicured lawns makes the school extremely inviting and lends each student a sense of affinity to the school.

The ‘Toddler’s Hangout’ is every parent’s dream come true. The smart classrooms ensure that during the very formative years, the children get a hang of technology. The touch screen walls give the toddler an opportunity to see his fantasy land come alive.

Today, innovation in the I.T. sector has crossed all levels to where our ideas and imaginations can travel. Our state-of-the-art Computer Labs, with child- safe search engines, incorporate all essential features and the latest versions of software.

Our fetish for cleanliness and hygiene is reflected in our squeaky clean restrooms. Our support staff too is well trained and equipped to look after and cater to the smallest needs of our tiny tots.

In other words, the school aims at the holistic development of the child, thus ensuring that he is well equipped to find the ground under him, establish himself and be a contributor to society.



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